Service Awards

Ross Welsh

Ross started his career in 1963 as a Trainee Chemist with ACIRL in Ipswich working with Arthur LePage, Bruce Proudfoot and John Woolard. After completing an Industrial Chemistry course at QIT he transferred in late 1969 to the new ACIRL Laboratory and Pilot Preparation Plant in Rockhampton as Deputy Manager working with Dick Dunstone who was appointed Manager in 1970

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Dick Sanders

The contributions of Dick Sanders to the Coal Preparation Society are probably unsurpassed for someone who was never a member of any state or national committee – he was always keen to be involved, but has worked in a number of companies in which his close colleagues were members of the committee already.

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Dave Ricketts

At the Southern Queensland Chairman’s Dinner Dave Ricketts’ considerable contribution to the Australian Coal Preparation Society and to the industry as a whole was recognized with the presentation of the ACPS Service Award by Queensland Chairman Matt Allen.

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Ted Pickering

Ted Pickering was an outstanding coal preparation engineer and worked with enthusiasm, technical ingenuity, organising ability and integrity. Jim Donnelly introduced Ted to the ACPS members at the Kirribilli Club, November 2004.

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Peter Newling

Peter started working in the Mining Industry in particular the Coal Processing Industry in 1981 after having previously worked in the steel making industry at Newcastle and South Africa following his graduation from Newcastle University as a Chemical Engineer.

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Les Liesfield

Les started in 1963 as an apprentice fitter and turner at the Long Reach Power Station. In 1968 he entered the coal industry as a fitter operator at the Moura Coal Preparation Plant and remained there for 14 years.

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