Prominent Persons

Tony Partridge


While Tony has many technical, professional and society achievements, there are three matters in which Tony had strong involvement that were ground breaking for the Australian Coal Preparation Society (ACPS).

  • Seventh International Coal Preparation Congress in Sydney
  • First Australian Coal Preparation Conference
  • Advanced Monograph Series

In brief, Tony’s career has involved:

  • 1968 BSc from Uni. Leeds, UK
  • 1974 PhD from McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • 1974 – 81 Lecturer in Mineral Processing, Uni. NSW
  • 1981-88 A number of roles with Austen & Butta as Group Manager – Coal Prep & Quality Control, including two years as the Senior Coal Preparation Engineer with Shell Coal Australia
  • 1988-90 Principal Consultant with ACIRL
  • 1988 Set up his own consulting company, Advanced Coal Processing known as ACP, and included some part time lecturing at Uni. NSW.
  • 1995 Returned to UNSW, becoming part-time in 1998 and eventually retiring as an Associate Professor in 2005.

Tony has made extensive contributions to the Australian Coal Preparation Society, including:

  • First advanced coal preparation course (1976)
  • Technical Chairman and Editor of Proceedings, VII ICPC in 1976
  • Technical Subcommittee for five national ACPS Conferences
  • NSW Branch committee member for eleven years
    • two as Chairman
    • quite a few as Vice Chairman
  • ACPS National Board for four years, making significant contributions as part of the Education Subcommittee
  • Organising committee for 1998 XII ICPC in Brisbane and Editor of the Proceedings
  • Co-editor of the original Advanced Monograph Series and author of two sections
  • Contributions to Conferences, workshops and training courses extending over more than forty years.

So Tony is another in the long line of “POMS” that have helped to grow our profession. He has over sixty technical publications, mostly in the field of coal preparation, has made significant contributions to Australian and ISO standards, and has found time to be an Editorial Board Member for the International Journal of Coal Preparation.

Tony has always been known for his passion about coal preparation, his intellect, concern for students and member welfare, and for sticking to his guns on matters important to him.

We in the Society have greatly benefited from Tony’s involvement so Tony is a truly worthy candidate for Life Membership of the Australian Coal Preparation Society.