Prominent Persons

Joe Sanders


Joe served on the New South Wales Branch Committee and was active in the life of the Society. His service is listed below:

NSW Committee:
  • 5 years on the Committee – 1970-71 until 1974-75
  • 4 years as Treasurer – 1971-72 until 1974-75
Conference Committees:
  • Local Organising Committee for Seventh International Coal Preparation Congress, Sydney, 1976
Other Contributions:
  • Course Director and Lecturer at Introductory courses
  • Author and Editor of the textbook “The Principles of Coal Preparation” 4th edition 2007
  • Contributor to several volumes of the Advanced Coal Preparation Monographs.

Joe has worked for BHP, Shell Coal International, Shell Coal Australia and as a Consultant for coal companies in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Indonesia and the USA.