Prominent Persons

Glen Fewings


Glen has been a long-standing member of the NSW Branch Committee and has had significant involvement with education. His service is listed below:

NSW Committee:
  • 12 years on the Committee – 1993-1995 and then 2006-07 to present
National Board:
  • 2 years on the Committee as Secretary– from 2013-14 to present
  • 1.5 years as current Chairman – 2014-16
Conference Committees:
  • 1 Local Organising Committee
Other Contributions:
  • Lecturer at Introductory and Advanced Coal Preparation Courses
  • Board representative/ advisor for QLD/NSW Advanced Course plant design presentations by students
  • Education Chairman
  • Newsletter editor
  • Branch Secretary

Glen worked at 7 coal preparation plants across NSW before joining QCC Resources.