Arthur Le Page, B.SC (Hons), served the coal industry for most of his life. From 1959 until his death in December 1985 he worked with the Australian Coal Industry Research Laboratories based in Ipswich, Queensland. Arthur was a founding member of the Coal Preparation Society of Queensland and New South Wales and continued until his death an active role in the Queensland Society’s affairs. He contributed greatly in the organisation to the 1976 International Congress held in Sydney and the very successful National Conferences.

Arthur served the coal industry with great distinction. When he took up his appointment in Ipswich in 1959, coal production in Queensland approximated 1.5 million tonnes. It now approximates 65 million tonnes. During that period of intense development, Arthur’s services as Senior Preparation Engineer were keenly sought, whether it be in the exploration, development or commissioning stage of a project.

He joined technical missions to Japan to assist in project development. He initiated numerous research programs, published widely and gained an international reputation for his participation in the international conferences and also represented Australia most effectively from 1976 on the organising Committee of the International Coal Preparation Congress.

The Coal Preparation Societies of New South Wales and Queensland considered it appropriate Arthur Le Page’s services to the coal industry, and in particular Coal Preparation, should be recognised. This bio is to help others recognise a Coal Scientist whose friendly personality, approachability and knowledge assisted many of today’s coal technologists in the development of their knowledge and careers.

The Society recognises his significant contribution through the Arthur Le Page Memorial Lecture, delivered at its bi-annual national conference.